Louisiana State Police have a Special request – please assist them

February 25, 2016 The Louisiana State Police are honoring a fallen brother in the only way that they can as best as they can today. Trooper Steven Vincent’s son had birthday that he can not attend because he sacrificed his life in the line of duty.  His brothers and sisters therefore shared the day with Ethan and posted the following hoping that others would show support for Ethan as well.

The Louisiana State Police Posted the following today:

It has been said that family is not just an important thing – It’s everything! Please take a moment and join with the Louisiana State Police family as we wish a very courageous young man a Happy Birthday!

Today is Ethan Vincent’s 10th birthday, and the first birthday without his father at his side. On August 23rd, 2015, Senior Trooper Steven Vincent, Ethan’s father, was tragically shot and killed in the line of duty while trying to help a stranded motorist. However, S/T Vincent’s legacy lives on through the service and sacrifice of every Louisiana State Trooper; through the lives of the recipients of his organs unselfishly donated by his family; and through the smile of a young man who has had to endure the unimaginable loss of his father.

S/T Steven Vincent will never be forgotten, nor will Ethan, his mom, Katherine, and the entire Vincent family. They will always be family to the men and women who have the privilege of wearing the “gold boot” badge of the Louisiana State Police.

** Keep the Happy Birthday’s coming. LSP Facebook has 180,000 followers. How many birthday wishes can we get for Ethan?**

Ethan Celebrating his birthday with The Louisiana State Police
Ethan Celebrating his birthday with The Louisiana State Police

Please see an additional tribute to Trooper Steven Vincent and his son Ethan here at the WBL because we will never forget.

Heart wrenching tribute to Fallen Louisiana State Trooper Steven Vincent

Happy birthday Ethan!

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