Denver, Co. Police Officer Adam Foisy’s act of kindness gets viral recognition

February 25, 2016 Denver, Co. It started with a call of a boy running through traffic on August 3, 2015 when Officer Adam Foisy found 11 year old D’artagnan flagging down cars and picked him up off the streets. D’artagnan’s mother was having a difficult time with him sometimes and Officer Foisy had a discussion with the boy as he drove him home.

He learned that D’artagnan  wanted to be a professional basketball player when he grew up but that the boy didn’t even have a basketball.  Officer Foisy paid it forward and bought the boy a basketball. But he did more than that.

He took up a collection and sent the boy to a basketball camp. He was so persuasive in his collections that there was more than enough to send the 11 year old to the camp so he donated the rest of the money in the boys name to the camp.

Since then he has maintained contact with the boy and been a positive role model for him. According to D’artagnan’s mother it has made a big difference. She told Fox31  “There were times when he would leave, I had no idea where he was. When Foisy came along, it was a big change and it helped out a lot.”

The Officer said of the boy “It’s one step at a time. We’ve had good times and bad times, but I see improvement in him. I’m proud of him — the steps he has taken — and I try to help him out as much as I can. Kids will be kids, there’s always going to be speed bumps and things that will come up. I hope to be there for him, hope he sees me as someone he can trust … help him along the way.”

The Officer’s work with the youth has not been lost on his department either, his Chief Robert White  recently recognized Foisy for his efforts with the young man and said: “You have made all of us extremely proud, You went way out of your way to do this. And this is a classic example of doing the right thing for the right reason.”

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock praised the Officer for his work and Denver Nuggets former team member and current Ambassador for the team Mark Randall to give both Foisy and D’artagnan a signed basketball and game tickets with their thanks.

Denver, Co. Police Officer Adam Foisy
Denver, Co. Police Officer Adam Foisy
11 Year old D’artagnan and Police Officer Adam Foisy  on the basketball Court
11 Year old D’artagnan and Police Officer Adam Foisy on the basketball Court (Credit Fox31)
11 Year old D’artagnan
11 Year old D’artagnan (Credit Fox31)

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