Brenham, Tx. Police Sgt. Seth Klehm Takes Crash Impact to Save Others

February 25, 2016 Brenham, Tx. Officers responded to a dangerous driver who was on the wrong side of the roadway, hitting mailboxes and driving erratic. Sgt. Seth Klehm and other units found the SUV fast enough but saw what others did not. The female operator of the vehicle was ill not intoxicated or just behaving recklessly. She was either having a reaction to something or perhaps a diabetic but her inability to respond to instructions or failing to notice events was telling to Officers.

The officers coordinated quickly as they were approaching more densely populated areas where the SUV operated by this driver could endanger more motorists was becoming more likely by the minute.

As other Officers cleared as much traffic as they could, stopping it and clearing as much of the roadway as they were able Sgt. Seth Klehm got in front of the SUV and stopped the vehicle with his own allowing it to impact with his own patrol vehicle and stopped it.

After bringing the vehicle to a halt he attempted to get the driver from the vehicle but her doors were locked so he had to break out a rear window from the vehicle to unlock the drivers door. He was then able to safely remove the driver and Officers and medical personnel loaded the sick woman who was suffering from a diaphoretic episode onto a waiting medical transport.

The Brenham Police Department Posted the following to their Facebook page regarding the incident:

We truly are proud of Sgt. Seth Klehm and Officer Jose Perez for their recent actions. Both officers responded to a reckless driver call that could have had disastrous results. Klehm was able to locate the vehicle and realized the driver was suffering a medical episode. Both men kept the roadways clear, and when it became apparent the driver was going to hit several other cars, Sgt. Klehm took action and placed his patrol unit between the incapacitated driver and the other vehicles, allowing the driver to hit him. Fortunately no one was seriously injured.

The actions taken by both Klehm and Perez are indicative of the caliber of men and women who work for the Brenham Police Department. We salute you!

Brenham, Tx. Police Department  Sgt. Seth Klehm
Brenham, Tx. Police Department Sgt. Seth Klehm
Brenham, Tx. Police Department Officer Jose Perez
Brenham, Tx. Police Department Officer Jose Perez

There is video of the stop and interviews that were available from KAGS NEWS here:


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