Plum, Pa. Officers rush into burning home to save 5 children and 2 adults

February 20, 2016 Plum, Pa. Officers received a call of a house fire around 5:40 A.M.. Officers Crystal Iachini and Eric Callen along with Sgt. Jay Kapusta all responded along with the Fire Department to see if they could be of assistance. Police officers were the first to arrive on the scene. Officer Callen entered the thickly smoke filled residence along with Sgt. Kapusta and found a woman who was holding an infant and they guided her to safety. But they realized that there were more people within the structure.

When they had gotten the woman and infant outside to safety, Callen saw two children at a window on the second floor. Sgt. Kapusta used himself as a human ladder and boosted Callen up to the second floor on to a small roof where he could gain some footing. He broke the window open and took the children out one by one and handed them down to the Sgt. where they were safe.

Officer Callen then ran across the rooftop on the second floor outside the house and checked the interior of the house through the windows and found a woman who was elderly and immobile. He carried the woman through the home to a bathroom as a temporary shelter while he waited with her until others could come to rescue her.

Officer Crystal Iachini was inside the second floor of the residence attempting to find more children and Officer Callen.

Firefighters were able to rescue the remaining two children from the residence safely.

Plum Officers rescued 7 people from a house fire Saturday morning (Credit WTAE)
Plum Officers rescued 7 people from a house fire Saturday morning (Credit WTAE)

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