Park County, Co. Three deputies shot, one killed

February 24, 2016 On today’s date at approximately t 9:23 A.M. Deputies went to a subdivision called Friendship Ranch to serve an eviction notice that has been in dispute for quite a while.

At approximately 9:48 A.M. a shooting happened where three Deputies were shot along with the suspect. According to reports, the injured deputies were taken to St. Anthony’s Hospital in Lakewood. One deputy suffered life threatening injuries. The other suffered non-life threatening injuries. One was fatally wounded.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Jacki Kelley stated to one news source: “We don’t know if a deputy shot the suspect or if the suspect shot himself,”

The deputy who died was a 12-year veteran of the Park County sheriff’s office, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

The injured deputies were identified as an 11-year veteran who suffered life-threatening injuries and the other was a 21-year veteran. He suffered nonlife-threatening injures.

Property records list the resident of the home as Martin Wirth, 58 who once ran for state Senate and has been listed as an Occupy Denver activist.

A website for the Colorado Foreclosure Resistance Coalition had posted a notice in 2014 that Wirth faced eviction and urged people to go to the home to support him.

An official Statement was released from the Park County Sheriff as follows:

Media to go to Station #1 Platte Canyon Fire Dept. Near the Bailey Government Offices for any briefing.

Incident involved one suspect and three Park County officers. Suspect is deceased, one officer deceased two officers injured with non-life threatening injuries.

Colorado Bureau of Investigation has been called. Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and SWAT TEAM and Colorado State Police are providing backup to the area.

Platte Canyon and Fitzsimmons Middle School is on lock down at this time for safety’s sake.

Regular calls for Park County sheriff’s office are being assisted by Chaffee, Jefferson County sheriff office and Colorado State Patrol.

Press conference will be at 12:30 at the Platte Canyon Fire Station # 1 at 60298 US 285 south of the community of Bailey.

Park County Co Sheriff
WBL Stands with Park County Co Sheriff


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