Danville, Ky. Police Officers try to pay it forward to child only to have citizen chip in as well!

February 21, 2016 Danville, Ky. Police Officers responded to a call of child neglect where it was reported that a small child was left out in the rain. Officers found that her 51 year old grandmother was intoxicated and had abandoned the girl outside without proper clothing. The child was in need of food so Officers brought he child to a local McDonalds where they were going to feed her. However that is where the story gets an even bigger twist.

From the Danville Police Department’s Facebook page they write:

On February 21, 2016, Danville Police responded to a call at 436 Crescent Drive which lead to an investigation of child neglect. The investigation resulted in the arrest of 51 yoa Lisa Baugh who was charged with Public Intoxication, Endangering the Welfare of a Minor and Child Abandonment.

During the course of the investigation, Officers determined that the juvenile victim was in need of food, leading to an Officer taking the juvenile to McDonalds’s on Thoroughbred Drive. When attempting to purchase breakfast for the juvenile, an unidentified female employee, respectfully refused the officers payment. This employee took it upon herself to purchase the well needed meal and even offered the juvenile an extra portion of milk. Before the Officer and juvenile left the restaurant, this same employee approached the juvenile and offered her a toy, which was gladly accepted.

The Danville Police Department would like to acknowledge this small, but powerful act of kindness. It is random acts of kindness, like this one, that reminds us that this community has plenty of caring people, and when given the opportunity, will react positively and with empathy. Thank You!

It was learned that the McDonald’s employee’s name was Chasity Young who took care of the child in need and paid it forward. She had originally thought the child belonged to the officer however she learned some circumstances behind the good deed the Officer was doing and said:

“He looked at me and he said she hadn’t eaten in a while. That pulled on my heart strings, so I thought what I can do to make her day a little better?” Young told LEX 18’s Steve Butera.

Young paid for the girl’s meal, refusing to take the officer’s money. She then gave the little girl a My Little Pony toy.

“Something this small, to her it might have meant the world,” said Young.

Clearly it was appreciated by the Officers at the Danville Police Department and here at the WBL as well. Please share this story and show your support for people like Chasity Young who pay it forward and make our communities a better place to live.

Chasity Young Paid it forward along with Officers of the Danville Police Department to a child in need (Credit Lex18)
Chasity Young Paid it forward along with Officers of the Danville Police Department to a child in need (Credit Lex18)
Danville Police Department
Danville Police Department


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