Walton County, Fl. Sheriff’s Deputies and Community help homeless father and 2 adorable children

Walton County, Fl. Sheriff’s Deputies along with Chik-fil-A and What-a-Burger showed a generous outpouring of support for a man who is down on his luck but doing his best to bring up two adorable young girls. The Walton County Fl. Sheriff’s Office proudly reported the following story on their Facebook page about the communities actions to help this struggling family out:

Santa Rosa Beach, Fla— A father struggling to find work is now struggling to find words to thank a handful of Walton County Sheriff’s Office deputies who helped provide food, clothes, and shelter for him and his two daughters.

As fate would have it the paths of the two parties would cross Saturday night following a traffic stop for expired tags. During the evening hours of February 20th Deputy Chad Biernacki initiated a traffic stop near Chat Holly Road and made contact with Gary Baxter. Biernacki quickly noticed the car’s appearance and realized the family may have been living out of the vehicle.

It was found that Baxter found work in the area after moving from California with his two daughters, Daisy, 10, and Lylah, 5, by his side. But, until they could make ends meet the family would occasionally stay with newfound friends or, at times, would resort to sleeping inside their car. Baxter would transport Daisy to school and make daily arrangements for his youngest.

Understanding the family’s struggle Deputy Biernacki solicited help from Sergeant Allen Pullins and Sergeant Dave Robson. Together the Walton County team members began working towards assisting the family with their situation. The three men contacted Faith Assembly Church (Pastor Toy Arnett) who assisted the family with housing. The team escorted the family to a shelter where they provided them with a warm dinner. The team also purchased nightgowns, bath supplies, food, snacks, and other miscellaneous items for the children. The team also reached out to Chik-fil-A and What-a-Burger and informed them of the family’s situation. Both stores donated several meal vouchers to help the family until other assistance could be established. Deputy Biernacki completed a report and contacted the Department of Children and Families concerning their need for assistance.

On Sunday the team, now including Sergeant Mark Wendel, followed up with the family providing more clean clothing and care packages. Baxter wanted to express his appreciation to Faith Assembly, Chik-fil-a, What-a-Burger, and the Walton County Sheriff’s Office for their generosity and help.

“I am humbled, but not surprised by the actions of our Deputies,” said Sheriff Michael Adkinson, Jr. “I’m beyond words.”


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All Photos Credit: Walton County Sheriff

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