San Patricio, Tx. County Deputy Rachelle Farmer Pays it forward to a whole family .. again!

Sheriff’s Deputies reported on their page a great story about A deputy that paid it forward to a young man she had recognized from a previous “Shop with a cop” encounter:

On February 20th, while patrolling San Patricio County, Deputy Rachelle Farmer observed a young 13 year old male holding grocery bags walking along the roadway. Deputy Farmer made contact with the boy to check his welfare. The boy stated he was walking to Walmart (3.5 miles from his home) to get a few grocery’s and make some returns to the store. Deputy Farmer recognized the boy whom she had met a year earlier while participating in the “Shop with a Cop” program. The boy told Deputy Farmer that his family was without a vehicle and that his father was not physically able to walk to the store. The boy indicated that when there is enough money, he sometimes takes a cab. Deputy Farmer gave the boy a ride to the local Walmart, and stayed with him until he completed his grocery shopping, then took him home. Today, members of the San Patricio County Sheriff’s office pitched in and purchased the boy a new bicycle, helmet, chain lock and back pack to make his 7 mile round trip to the store a little easier.

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What a generous gesture and warm heart this Deputy has. Thank goodness for people like her!

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