Leelanau County, Mi. Sheriff’s Office Gets a call about a Deputy …. to praise him

February 19, 2016 The Leelanau County, Mi. Sheriff’s Office reported on their Facebook page that “A elderly gentleman from Maple City called and just wanted to say thank you.” They continued with their post:

Apparently, a Leelanau County Deputy was out on patrol today and stopped by this residence to check on the couple as the Deputy noticed their walkway was not shoveled. After speaking with the elderly gentleman and learning everything was fine but the person who was suppose to be shoveling for them had not been doing so, the Deputy (without being asked) picked up a shovel and proceeded to shovel the couples walkway. After this the Deputy took the time to quickly change a light bulb that was burned out on the porch light. After this the Deputy continued on his duty patrolling the County.

The Sheriff’s Office has a staff of truly dedicated people and the Deputies patrolling the County do outstanding work. They are out in the Community 24/7, ready at anytime to provide the Law Enforcement services needed. We thank this gentleman that called for taking the time to acknowledge one of our employees. We appreciate the continued support we have from the residents of Leelanau County.

We hope everyone has a safe weekend!

But there is more to the story than that. It was learned by that Deputy Andy Bosscher has been checking on this man for years and does whatever he can for him whenever he is able to.

The station interviewed the Deputy and he stated: “I talked with him in the past, and I know that he has some physical limitations, I just asked him, ‘is there anything that I can help you carry, or anything like that?’ and I knew by the expression on his face that he didn’t want to ask me to help, but I knew that there was something so I kept pushing. He asked me to change a light bulb that he couldn’t reach that was very simple for me to do.”

The Deputy continued on his thoughts of helping others: “I think a lot of times we don’t remember doing little things can make big differences for someone else and this is a classic example sometimes when you need help,” said Bosscher. “Like anyone doing a small thing can help you.”

Gerald White was also interviewed by the station and was very happy to thank the Deputy for his service. He explained: “That light… it’s out of my reach without a ladder. He did [changed] that for me, There were probably three or four inches of snow at that time, so it would’ve been slippery for me to walk in that and then try to use the ladder, not a good idea.”

“I thought the least I could do was say thank you,” said White. “Maybe create some attention for what quality people we have. We’re really lucky.”

Gerald White who called to thank Leelanau County Sheriff's for their service (Credit: WPBN/WGTU)
Gerald White who called to thank Leelanau County Sheriff’s for their service (Credit: WPBN/WGTU)
Leelanau County Sheriff's Deputy Andy Bosscher (Credit: WPBN/WGTU)
Leelanau County Sheriff’s Deputy Andy Bosscher (Credit: WPBN/WGTU)

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