Greenvill, S.C. Deputy recognized for helping save homeless drug addicted man

A Greenvill, S.C. Deputy has been receiving a lot of attention for what happened during a shift one evening this past yer when he ran across a man who was homeless. The encounter shows how paying it forward can change a life. While on routine patrol Deputy Matt Holman saw a man he later knew to be Robert Morris walking on the streets at about 2:00 A.M.. The Deputy stopped and talked with the man who was soaking wet.

Holman learned that Morris had been living in the woods for quite some time but that his shelter had recently been destroyed by the elements and that the man had been walking aimlessly for days.

Morris had lost his mother and father and then his sister as well. After losing his sister Morris had fallen  to drugs and alcohol and his life had gone from bad to worse after that.

Holman listened and gave a compassionate ear to the man who he had brought to a church where they had talked. The Deputy asked Morris if he needed anything and he said that he did, he asked the Deputy for a bible.

Deputy Holman normally carried a couple bibles in his patrol car but on this occasion he only had one. His own which he had had for several years and was very precious to him. The Deputy however sacrificed his possession of the Bible to Morris who he believed needed it  more than he did.

The Deputy attempted to find the man shelter however there was no shelters available that could take Morris at the time. Prior to leaving he asked Morris if there was anything else that he could do for him. Morris did indicate that he was hungry so the Deputy went and bought him a meal and returned with it for the man.

It was sometime later that the Dispatchers at the 911 Call Center of the Department received a call from Robert Morris who recalled the story of that evening praising the Deputies actions. Stating that the Deputy had saved his life and that the Deputy was a hero.

It was the simple act of compassion, listening and the passing of the bible that inspired Robert Morris to seek help with counseling. Getting himself into a rehabilitation clinic and trying to become a better person again.

Deputy Matt Holman was awarded Deputy of the year for his act of kindness in reaching out to another by Columbia County Sheriff’s Department. But that isn’t all.

A 911 tape was released of the phone call that was made about him. After that tape was released, the Deputy had made comments about a particular song and band that had made him think of of his event with Morris who passed away since their meeting.

That music group came to the Department to honor the Deputy.

Both videos are here.


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