ATTN: All First Responders Please Read & Share The Elephant in The Room

As a nation we have gone through some very difficult times as first responders in the past but lets face facts there is an elephant in the room nobody wants to discuss. In the past few weeks there have been eight Police officers Killed in the line of duty. Prior to that there were as many K-9’s that were killed, some probably died saving their handlers lives in the process.

We have all seen the funerals, listened to the final end of watch message and been left with a lump in our throats. Because when one of us falls we all suffer. It doesn’t matter where it happens, you can’t help but remember the last funeral you attended of a brother or sister and it hurts.


Untold numbers of Officers are being hurt on a daily basis. I recently spoke with an officer who was with one of his teammates sitting in an Emergency room who had been assaulted on duty. He said it was all in a days work. Sadly for Police Officers it is.

We accept that it is part oft he job to be assaulted, stabbed, shot at,

"Actual help wanted add"
“Actual help wanted add”

injured, come in contact with people who  have contagious diseases, that we may be bitten, kicked, hit or by persons with various objects. We all know that is just a minor fraction of being a Law Enforcement Officer.

It is not that we enjoy it, certainly or that we should have to put up with it, but it happens despite our best efforts to prevent these things from happening.

It is much like car accidents. You don’t plan on them happening, but they do and you have to deal with the problems afterwards. Like the DUI that slammed into your cruiser as you were attempting to issue a summons or give some roadside assistance.

Regardless of the circumstances or intent, you may still be left injured or your family may be left without you. You put it in the back of your mind until you take that call that hits home. The one you don’t want to talk about. Then you bury it deeper than ever before.

We all have our ways of dealing with such things. Some of us handle it better than others. Some people have hobbies, they hunt, shoot, bike, run, play sports, some turn to alcohol. Some marriages fall apart as many of us have experienced.

But do we talk about the actual problems or do we let them become all consuming? Well Officer, Firefighter, Paramedic or EMT you certainly don’t want to admit that there is a problem that you can’t handle now do you?

After all, you have a career of handling other peoples problems. You face danger everyday that other people run from. You run into burning buildings when ‘normal’ people are running out of them. You run toward the gunfire when other people are screaming and running away from it.

Who can possibly understand what it is like to hold down a block of inmates by yourself when they are running amok. But all your Sergeant cares about is writing you up because you didn’t cross all your “T”‘s and dot all your “I”‘s on your reports. Sound familiar? Does it get to you?

You try to talk to your significant other and they have a glazed look in their eye when you do. Or you are concerned that you will worry them so you don’t tell them anything anymore.

In case you haven’t figured it out, I have seen and experienced this first hand. I have watched it happen with drastic results ending with a plaque on the wall. A draped shield forever retired worn by a man I called brother.

Too often we neglect the elephant in the room until it is too late and right cropped-la_t4now he is hungry. Everyone in social media circles is talking about what is happening to Law Enforcement today and it is causing anger, fear, resentment and depression.

So who CAN you talk to? You can make a 100% CONFIDENTIAL SAFE CALL NOW.

The WBL has nothing to gain by pointing you in the direction of SAFE CALL NOW. We are not an affiliate of theirs, there is no money exchanged. The WBL will gain NOTHING except knowing that we have provided first reponders with a resource in a time of need.

The WBL Spoke with SAFE CALL NOW to insure that it is:

  • 100% confidential no matter where you call from.  You will talk to a live person 24/7/365.
  • They do not have mandatory reporting to your agency unless you are a threat to yourself or another person.
  • They are open to your direct relations such as Spouse, siblings, children.

The number for SAFE CALL NOW is 206-459-3020

Please share this page, bookmark it, Go to SAFE CALL NOW and bookmark their page so you have it just in case you ever need it in the future. If not for yourself them to give it to someone else.

The WBL has seen enough funerals, enough plaques on the walls. enough retired shields and too many brothers and sisters suffering alone needlessly.

Make the call – 206-459-3020

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