False accusations against Stone Mountain Police Sgt. result in firing of Fire Capt.

February 17, 2016 Stone Mountain, Ga. Sgt. Stephen Floyd of the Stone Mountain Police Department made a routine traffic stop on May 5, 2015. Sgt. Floyd stopped Capt. Capt. Terrell Davis of the DeKalb Fire Dept. who along with another Fire Department employee named Krystal Cathcart attempted to name drop an administrator’s name to the Sgt. at the time of the stop.

When the Sgt. continued to issue the summons, Cathcart approached his vehicle and was told by the Sgt. to step away politely.

Cathcart made a report against Sgt. Floyd stating that he was intimidating and made them afraid during the traffic stop. What they were unaware of even during Cathcart’s filming with her Iphone was that the Sgt. had a camera on his persons and a dash camera recording the incident.

An internal investigation was conducted and was covered by the WBL titled “Stone Mountain. Ga. Police Sgt. Stephen Floyd cleared by body camera, accused by 2 people

But now after a lengthy investigation the long time Captain of the Fire Department Terrell Davis has been fired from his position. The department gave a notice of termination to Cathcart, but Fire Chief Darnell Fullum later accepted her resignation in lieu of termination.

An attorney named Musa Ghanayem represents both Cathcart and Davis stated “Both regret the statements with regard to maybe exaggerated what was said, but they both felt threatened, both felt there was a sense of fear.” Capt. Davis’ attorney said he will appeal.

Chief Fullum says he will give the results of his investigation to the DeKalb District Attorney to determine if any laws were broken.

Terrell Davis (left) Krystal Cathcart (right) (Photo Credit: Starter911)
Terrell Davis (left) Krystal Cathcart (right) (Photo Credit: Starter911)


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