Rehoboth Beach, De. Police Department Lt. William Sullivan helps mother see sick infant

On February 13, 2013 what started out as a routine traffic stop by the Rehoboth Beach, De. Police Department turned into a desperately needed helping hand.

While on routine Patrol Lt. William Sullivan noticed a vehicle driving erratically and initiated a vehicle stop. When he spoke with the driver he noticed that she was wearing a hospital I.D. bracelet. He also noticed that the woman had been crying and appeared exhausted.

He spoke with her and found out that she had been spending her time going back and forth to the hospital for her sick infant who had just been born and she had not slept in about a week.

The Lt. decided that it was not safe for the woman to drive so instead of giving her a ticket he parked her car nearby where someone could pick it up and then drove her to the hospital to see her child.

He was quoted as saying “”We give tickets to people to try and change behavior,” he said. “Obviously, this was something that was not a typical situation.” He added “It was totally understandable,” he said. “I just couldn’t believe she was out.”

His Chief of Police Keith Banks was questioned about the stop who stated: “It doesn’t come to any surprise that he would do that, to me, That’s what I expect out of all my officers. We are there to serve the public.”

The incident was posted to the Departments Facebook as follows:

RBPD would like to recognize Lt. William Sullivan for his public safety efforts on Tuesday, February 9th, 2016. While on his way into work he observed that the vehicle in front of him was swerving in and out of its lane. Concerned that the operator was going to cause a collision, he stopped the vehicle. Lt. Sullivan learned that the driver was exhausted from spending an extensive amount of time at the hospital with a sick infant. The driver informed Lt. Sullivan that she was attempting to get back to her child at the hospital.
Lt. Sullivan assisted the operator by parking and securing her vehicle off the roadway and transporting her to the hospital to be with her child. Actions such as these by officers occur frequently and are often overlooked. We thank Lt. Sullivan for his dedication to public safety and the well being of the community.

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Rehoboth Beach Police Department
Rehoboth Beach Police Department


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