Ship Bottom, N.J. Brother who lost sister in vehicle accident extends deep gratitude to Officers

February 13, 2016 Ship Bottom, N.J. a man who lost his sister in a motor vehicle accident on February 10, 2016 extends deep  gratitude to Officers of Ship Bottom, N.J. for their efforts and compassion. Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things that a person can go through. Having a person suddenly ripped from us is devastating and it happens all too frequently. But Officers see it regularly and it has a profound, lasting impact upon them.

Tragically such an event occurred this past week in Ship Bottom, N.J. to Lori Pelosi, 53 who was involved in a motor vehicle accident and did not survive despite the best efforts of emergency responders who arrived to find a crowd of people gathered at the scene.

Ship Bottom Police Sgt. Nash  who was the first to arrive on the scene pulled the lifeless woman from the wreckage and attempted CPR on her despite his best efforts.

“There was a time when I thought I felt she had a faint pulse and I thought I was going to be able to bring her back. Then she took a few breaths and then I just lost her,” he told the Press of Atlantic City.

As Brian O G Amento grieves over the loss of his sister the compassion and efforts that Officers had shown his family have not gone unnoticed. He wrote:

I would like to extend a deep sense of gratitude to the Ship Bottom Police Dept, Sergeant Michael Nash, I met him this morning. He was the one that administered CPR on my sister. When I told him who I was, his eyes welled up as did mine and he gave me a hug.

Thank you also to Lt. Kevin Mahon and officer Sean Ferguson, for being with both my parents and escorting them back and forth. The hugs you gave my dad won’t go unnoticed. I need to post this because our police officers are only in the public eye when it’s of negative context.

I met a human being this morning in a uniform. Please, the next encounter you have with a police officer just in passing….give them a smile.

According to the Press of Atlantic City Lori  Pelosi’s cellphone has been sitting on Sgt. Nash’s desk since she was killed this week. He’s been watching it ring as people still try to reach her.

In memory of Lori Pelosi (Credit:Brian O G Amento)
In memory of Lori Pelosi
(Credit:Brian O G Amento)



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