Pass Christian, Ms. Police Sgt. Edward Walley has empathy in in the greatest times of despair

Pass Christian, Ms. Two people were dead and four wounded in a shootout after a Mardi Gras parade. What Officers did not know was that one woman was the was the fiancee of one of the victims.  That she had just gotten out of her vehicle and been right there when the incident had happened. She was understandably emotionally distraught.

The woman whose name is Deesther Simpson was beside herself with grief. Officers were unable to control the woman, people were crowding around her and making matters worse.

The man who sensed that grief was Pass Christian Police Sgt. Edward Walley. What he did was a simple act of human kindness and it was reported by WECT News and  Ashlea Kosikowski.

The woman’s mother Veronica Simpson commented on what Sgt. Walley had done: “It was such a rare and sincere act to see a police officer step up and show his humanity for the general public,” she said. “To me, that sent such a strong message that good always outweigh the bad.”

This is a brief clip of what happened and a short portion of the interview that was conducted by WECT. Check WECT for full coverage of the event.


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