Florence, Al. Police Officer Zach Maxwell saving lives again and again

February 11, 2016 the Florence, Alabama Police Department posted the following to their Facebook page: a message regarding a true hero. But they left out a BIG portion of what he did in the past week.

Victim’s Life Saved By Officer, Florence Woman Jailed Following Stabbing; Shortly after 11pm last night officers with the Florence Police Department responded to the call of a stabbing in the 300 block of McKinley Ave. The male victim was laying in the front yard, suffering from multiple stab wounds. Officers on scene rendered lifesaving medical aid until EMS arrived. The suspect, Patsy Witt Dixon, 71, of Florence, was in the home when officers arrived. Evidence gathered from the victim, and located at the scene, indicate that an argument occurred, allegedly stemming from Facebook activity, which led to Dixon assaulting her husband with a kitchen knife. She also sprayed him numerous times with spray paint.

Florence Police Officer Zach Maxwell responded to the call. Police Chief Ron Tyler stated the following concern Maxwell’s actions, “For the second time in a week, Officer Zach Maxwell has saved someone’s life. Similar to what he did with Deputy McCrary just last week, Officer Maxwell made practical application of his training, when he put a tourniquet on the arm of the injured stabbing victim, minimizing the loss of arterial blood, thereby preventing the victim from bleeding out. I cannot be more proud of how Officer Maxwell has been providing a high level of police service to injured victims in this community. He represents our department with the highest level of professionalism. To be able to respond to a very fluid, very emotional, high stress and active situation, then to remain under control enough to assess the situation and begin providing lifesaving medical treatment demonstrates the kind of officer Zach Maxwell is. This furthermore indicates that our department’s training and current practices are having the desired impact on victims within our community.”

“This case is much different than what we normally encounter concerning domestic violence and highlights the fact that domestic violence spans age, race, background, and gender,” stated Detective Justin Wright, the lead detective on this case, “the fact that this case involves an older male victim and older female suspect shows that domestic violence can happen anywhere and at any time in our lives.”

The victim was taken to ECM Hospital, where he is being treated for an arterial stab wound.

Dixon was arrested without incident following her interview with detectives. She is charged with Domestic Violence 1st/ Assault 1st and is currently being held in the Lauderdale County Detention on bond totaling $10,000 dollars.

Florence, Al. Police Officer Zach Maxwell (Credit Florence PD Facebook)
Florence, Al. Police Officer Zach Maxwell (Credit Florence PD Facebook)

What they didn’t mention was that last week the same Officer was credited with helping save the life of a Deputy who was shot while serving papers. The Deputy was Randall McCrary and he was shot while serving involuntary commitment papers. Chief Ron Tyler says Maxwell stepped in and assisted McCrary as well.

“For the second time in a week, Officer Zach Maxwell has saved someone’s life.  Similar to what he did with Deputy McCrary just last week,”

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