Grove City, Ohio Police Officer Kitko gets a thank you for showing respect

A citizen named Jeffery Folk was mourning the loss of his grandfather and during the Funeral he saw an Officer he did not know paying a respectful salute. This simple act of honor and integrity showing respect for another person must have touched Jeffery deeply during this emotional time. He took a snap shot of the event and sent it to the Police Department not knowing the Officers name but thanking the Department.

The side note here is that although The Officer is in fact a K-9 officer the dog he had was not a K-9 Officer itself. The Officer who’s name is Kitko was performing a service by capturing a stray dog. In the middle of performing his duty, he stopped what he was doing to pay respects to someone he didn’t know. That is integrity and respect.

This is what was posted on the Grove City Ohio Police Facebook Page.

We received this message from Jeffrey Folk and thank him for the kind words:

“If anyone knows this officer please give him a special thank you. You saluted to my grandpa’s funeral service. We were leaving Newcomers and passed by him at Gantz Park on Feb 3rd approximately 3:30 p.m.”

The officer in the photo is Officer Kitko from our K9 unit. The dog is not our police canine but a stray dog Officer Kitko was able to capture. Even though Officer Kitko was involved with something else it did not stop him from paying respect to Mr. Folk’s grandfather.

Our Core Values are: Integrity – Teamwork – Respect – Duty – Excellence.

Our action of Respect means we will treat all people with the utmost dignity, courtesy and equality.

We are sorry for your loss Jeffrey.

Grove City Ohio Police Officer Kitko (Credit: Jeffrey Folk)
Grove City Ohio Police Officer Kitko (Credit: Jeffrey Folk)

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