N.Y. Sea Gate Officer saves choking 5 month old

February 10, 2016 Sea Gate, New York. A gated community in Southern Brooklyn that is on Coney Island is protected by a Small detachment of Officers known as Sea gate Police. Thankfully veteran Sgt. Fred Manney is part of that force. According to Victor Tatarkin who is father to Mikaela Tatarkina Sgt. Manney is also part of his family now for saving his child’s life.

At about 9:44 am on Jan. 25 Sgt. Manney responded to the Tatarkina  residence for a report of a child with difficulty breathing. When he arrived on the scene of the house it was worse than he had expected. The child was completely unresponsive.

Sgt. Manney immediately started life saving measures of C.P.R. as he had been instructed on most of his life from his time in the military through his years in corrections and then his time with Sea Gate Police.

Yet for his heroic attempts the infant was not responding to the efforts that he was trying. Manney tried something unconventional in his sustained efforts. He recalled to BrooklynDaily stating: “The ice pack will stimulate the system,” Manney said. “It’s not normal, so the hope is it will shock the person into breathing — and it worked.”

Manney radioed his squad members to clear traffic for emergency personnel to be free to get the infant to the hospital. Officers from Sea Gate secured everything that the baby may have ingested such as formula, food and medications so that the doctors could test her for allergic reactions to them.

It was found that the baby had had an allergic reaction to the baby formula. She is however fine now and has returned home.

Manney said  “This chief has pushed training, training, training, and it all paid off that day.” He was happy that he was able to help but didn’t take credit for saving the baby himself, rather praised his squad stating: “Each of the five officers on duty that day outdid themselves — the teamwork was so crisp and coordinated”

Officers involved were: Nick Shwartz, Tommy Shulz, Vincent Giadiello, Joe Pascone Jr., and cadet Elijah Santos.

The Sea Gate Police Department works privately in the community and is paid for by the community itself. When criminal action is taken they work in conjunction with the N.Y.P.D.’s 60th Precinct.

Sea Gate Police Sergeant Fred Manney and 5 month old Mikaela Tatarkina (Photo Credit: Brooklyn Daily)
Sea Gate Police Sergeant Fred Manney and 5 month old Mikaela Tatarkina (Photo Credit: Brooklyn Daily)

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