Fort Wayne, Ind. Officers Act of Kindness goes viral

On January 27, 2016 in Fort Wayne, Ind. A common occurrence of a tire blowing out on the highway had an unexpected result for Hombreshia Pinkston. She was traveling on Coliseum Boulevard during rush hour when her vehicle became disabled on the fast lane. She navigated her car to the side of the road but was unable to call for assistance because her cell phone was dead. She didn’t have a jack either.

At the age of 21 she felt helpless and probably somewhat afraid of the situation. But to her relief a Police Officer named Mitchell Gearhart of the Fort Wayne Police Department showed up to assist her.

The officer was able to keep traffic away from her car and keep her safe and let her use her cell phone to call home so that someone could bring her the necessary equipment to change the tire and get her back on the road.

He then waited along with her until assistance arrived so she would not be alone. But when the assistance arrived he then changed the tire for her as well.

The girls mother Marsha Johnson-Booker was touched by the act of kindness showed by the Officer and she posted a story about the encounter on her Facebook page. Since that time the story has gone viral with thousands of shares and likes.

Of course there are very negative comments about the Police in general that have appeared on her timeline as well to which people rightfully reply “You will only say things like this until you need them. Then you will expect their respect even though you do not show it to them”

Marsha Johnson-Booker’s Original Post is as follows:

What does a Good Samaritan or Guardian Angel look like? This guy right here… this evening my daughter was driving on one of the busiest streets in the city Coliseum Blvd. when she had a blowout in the fast lane at that. This is Officer Gearhart car 532. He allowed her to use his phone to call me b/c her phone died. He then waited with her until her dad & I could get dressed and get there. That’s not all he did, he took off the bad tire & put on the spare. He didn’t have to do all that. He could have called a towing service and had her car towed. In my eye sight he went above and beyond his job duty/description. Just goes to show not every one wearing a police uniform is out to get us. Fort Wayne’s Police Department can be proud of this officer. He showed compassion and in a professional manner.
Thanks Officer Gearhart of FWPD! Now show some love and like this. Just showing our police officers that we do appreciate their service!

Hombreshia Pinkston and Officer Mitchell Gearhart (Photo Credit: Marsha J Johnson Booker)
Hombreshia Pinkston and Officer Mitchell Gearhart (Photo Credit: Marsha J Johnson Booker)

The story caught so much attention that Marsha was interviewed by local media and she told them: “The big thing was that he did it all with a smile,” Johnson-Booker said. “He could have just as easily said, ‘Well, call and get a ride’ and just towed the car.” according to the News Sentinel.

“Everything seems to have to be about race, but this isn’t about race, it’s about a man doing a job he didn’t have to do,” Johnson-Booker said. “He doesn’t have to fix tires for people. “He is just a nice guy who did a great job.”

Officer Michael Joyner, the Public Information Officer for the Fort Wayne Police Department, commented on the lack of news stories regarding these types of occurrences.

“This is not at all unusual activity for officers on our department or the majority of officers from other departments across the country. It’s just not the type of activity that leads off the TV news programs or captures headlines in the papers.”

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