Hueytown, Ala. Cpl. Sebastian Goldman Pays it forward to 19 year old

February 2, 2016 . Cpl. Sebastian Goldman Pays it forward to 19 year old store clerk.While Cpl. Sebastian Goldman  was on duty at Food Giant buying food for inmates inside the jail he noticed a 19 year old who was working at the store. The young man was wearing a a pair of shoes that were being held together with duct tape.

The officer talked to teh young man who stated that on his next payday he planned on purchasing a new pair but the Officer wasn’t going to wait that long. He immediately went and bought the 19 year old a pair of shoes.

It brought everyone to tears in the store according to Angela Roach Scory who witnessed the event. She posted a shout out to the Corporals department on her Facebok page stating:

Special shout out to Hueytown Police Officer Goldman. Today he saw a young man with duct tape on his shoes at Food Giant and bought him a new pair of shoes! Everyone at Food Giant this morning was in tears when he brought them to the young man!!!! Way to go Office Goldman!!!! Hueytown Police Department



Photo Credit Hueytown Police Department


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