Naperville, Il. man accuses Police of racism and trying to run him over filed false reports

February 6, 2016 Naperville, Il. A man who has been protesting the Police of Naperville, Il. for being racists recently filed a report that an unnamed Officer attempted to run him over with a vehicle. Donald L. Pritchard, 49 has been protesting the Naperville Police Department walking with a large sign stating that the Police Chief Robert W. Marshall and Officers of the Department are racists.

On November 2, 2015 Pritchard reported to Cmdr. Jason Arres. that while he was walking in front of the Police station in protest fashion with his hand painted sign an Officer attempted to hit him with his vehicle.

The Chicago Tribune followed the story and found that a Sworn statement was made regarding Official Misconduct of an unnamed officer from Naperville. That an internal investigation was commenced by the agency and that dash camera footage was secured from the vehicle in question.

The camera footage was reviewed and found that it did not reflect what Mr. Pritchard had accused the Officer of. The official statement reflected was:

“A thorough investigation was conducted, which included collection of (Pritchard’s) statement, a statement from a witness, an interview (with) the accused officer, and the video evidence from the officer’s squad car,” Cmdr. Jason Arres wrote in an email.

“Review of the evidence showed that the complaint was unfounded, and appeared to be false in nature. The contents of the investigative file were brought for review to the DuPage County state’s attorney’s office, (and) after their review, they approved one count of disorderly conduct, for the filing of a false police report.”

The entire matter was turned over to DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert B. Berlin who’s office made the following statement through Paul Darrah: “Mr. Pritchard claimed a Naperville police car tried to run him over. The allegations were thoroughly investigated by the Naperville Police Department, which included pulling video from the police car. Once the video was viewed, it completely disproved Mr. Pritchard’s claims,”

On January 27, 2016 Mr. Pritchard was to be taken into custody for making the false claims against the officer who has not been named. At the time he had surrendered himself at the Police station according to Cmdr. Arres he had resisted the normal booking and arrest process. Arres stated:

“resisted the arrest by pulling away from the officers, refusing to be handcuffed. Furthermore, he attempted to grab the officers’ hands while they tried to handcuff him, refused to walk (to a holding cell) and refused to comply with the booking process.”

Mr. Pritchard Is currently waiting in the DuPage County Jail on the following charges with a $11,500.00 Bond or $115,000.00 Cash bail.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT-FALSE CRIME REPORT – $10,000.00 Bond $100,000.00 Cash
DISORDERLY CONDUCT-BREACH OF PEACE – $500.00 Bond $5,000.00 Cash

Donald L. Pritchard Arrested for falsely accusing an officer of trying to run him over (Photo Credit DuPage County Sheriff)
Donald L. Pritchard Arrested for falsely accusing an officer of trying to run him over (Photo Credit DuPage County Sheriff)


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