Jackson, Ms. Officer and 5 year old getting attention after sharing a meal but wait there’s more

February 6, 2016 A photo is quickly making the rounds as well it should of a 5 year old boy sitting with a Police Officer from Jackson, Mississippi who sat, prayed and talked over a meal. This is the post:

JACKSON, Mississippi– “This picture is of my 5 year old son, Ethan Pixley, and Officer Bonds with Jackson PD. Ethan LOVES policemen!! Everywhere we go he seems to find one, talk to them, and give them a hug. But, this time he found a special one.

Officer Bonds invited Ethan to come eat with him at his table and even asked him to pray before they ate. He then spent 20 minutes talking to my son about how important it is for him to be good at school, make good grades, and how to stay out of trouble. With all the negative attention police get in the world today, I thought it would be nice to hear about the positive ones trying to make a difference.

Thank you Officer Bonds for being such a positive role model for my son and many others in the community! ” -Ashley Laine Cook

Ethan Pixley, and Officer Bonds sit and talk
Ethan Pixley, and Officer Bonds sit and talk (Photo Credit Facebook Joseph Caleb Williams. )

But this is not the first time that Ethan has become friends with an Officer and actually made an Officers day. It is as wonderful for the officer to sit with a pleasant young person as it is exciting for that young person to sit with an Officer.

From September 5, 2015 Ethan had another exchange that was pretty special as well. It was posted by Ashley Laine Cook on her facebook wall and stated:

Ethan insisted on taking a picture with the policeman. He absolutely adores them!! The man said, “That just made my day!” I said, “Well, that makes 2 of y’all bc you just made his!!” They stopped traffic just so Ethan could take a picture with him smile emoticon I’m not sure what his name is but I know he works for Oxford Police. Thank you for making my son’s day!!

Ethan and Oxford Police Officer Jeffrey Dukes
Ethan and Oxford Police Officer Jeffrey Dukes

Although it was not known at the time the Officers name was Jeffrey Dukes of thee Oxford Police.

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