Marietta, Ohio Officer Matt Hickey and K-9 Ajax finally reunited

February 5, 2016 Marietta, Ohio Officer Matt Hickey was finally given the news he had only dreamed of thanks to support from the community.After the social media firestorm that brought international attention to the small Municipality of Marietta Officer Matt Hickey will be retiring along with his beloved companion Ajax for the sum of $1.00.

After Hickey originally attempting to purchase Ajax for the K-9’s estimated value of $3,500 was refused by Town Officials, due to State laws requiring that K-9’s that were still serviceable  be treated as property. Hickey was  informed that sealed bids for the K-9 would have to be made and the animal would be sold to the highest bidder.

Hickey started a GofundMe campaign and a social media blitz began bringing attention to the problem. Alternative’s were found and compromises were given where Hickey might be able to keep Ajax under certain conditions. One such alternative was that Hickey could become an Auxiliary officer for Marietta.

Hickey was unable to accept that offer due to health reasons that were requiring him to retire to begin with. The most recent development occurred on Thursday when Marietta Law Director Paul G. Bertram III  said after more research he concluded Hickey’s canine unit was “disbanded”. This allowed Hickey to purchase the K-9 Ajax for the sum of $1.00 under the state law.

The attorneys decision is a reversal of his previous one made public a few hours before and posted on Facebook.

The funds received from the GoFundMe campaign exceed $72,000. now and will be going to buying body armor for Police K-9 units.

Officer Matthew Hickey and K-9 Ajax - Credit GoFundMe
Officer Matthew Hickey and K-9 Ajax – Credit GoFundMe

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