Officer Hickey and K-9 Ajax no deal yet

February 3, 2016 Marietta , Ohio in the ongoing campaign to keep Officer Hickey and his partner together there has been no deal struck yet that is acceptable.Originally Officer Hickey who was set to retire believed that he would be able to purchase his still working K-9 for the dogs value from his municipality for $3,500.

The retiring officer was stunned to find out that was not to be the case and that the K-9 would be put up for auction. A GoFundme page was set up so that the officer could double the bid for the K-9 during the auction process that was to happen under state law.

However since the social media blitz a counter offer was made by officials who stated that Hickey could keep the K-9 if he stayed on in the Municipality as an auxiliary officer with the same duties.

Officer Hickey has apparently considered the offer but refused it stating that his original health reasons for retiring would still prohibit him from being an auxiliary officer.

The GoFundMe page is still up and continues to gather funds which will go toward purchasing bullet and slash resistant vests for K-9’s.

WBL original story on Officer Hickey and Ajax can be found here

Officer Hickey is still hopeful that a resolution can be found. At this point it is uncertain how this situation will end, however it brings up a larger issue.

This instance can not be happening to this one Officer alone. Once K-9 teams have been set for years they become family members as the K-9’s live with their handlers and are with them virtually 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Should something happen forcing the retirement of one or the other of the team, the two should always remain together.

Officer Matthew Hickey and K-9 Ajax - Credit GoFundMe
Officer Matthew Hickey and K-9 Ajax – Credit GoFundMe



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