Cincinnati, Oh. Police find 2 year old on street treat him like one of their own

February 3, 2016 Cincinnati, Ohio  Cincinnati Police Officers took a complaint of an unattended 2-year-old boy off the street. Officer Jamie Landrum

The child was found without shoes or socks on wearing on wet pajamas.

Officer Landrum bought the boy a coat, pants, shoes, a shirt and fresh diapers after she found him wandering the streets.

The Officer Landrum brought him to the station where Officers brought him toys and played with him. One officer named Will Nastold was photographed laying on the floor with the child trying to help him take a nap.

The photo was posted in a Police Group captioned as follows:

Third Shift in District Three found this little guy wandering the streets. Further investigation led to 241 – kids being contacted. He was in serious need of some clothes so Officer Jamie Landrum bought him a coat, pants, shoes and fresh diapers.

Here Officer Will Nastold is trying to help him take a nap. This is who we are at CPD.

C.P.D.  Officer Will Nastold with 2 year old (Facebook Daniel Hils)
C.P.D. Officer Will Nastold with 2 year old (Photo Credit: Facebook Daniel Hils)

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