Orem, Ut. Police Officer Norris Serves and protects in true fashion

February 1, 2016 Oram, Ut. When you have a 2 year old and have to appear in Superior court but have no place to bring the 2 year old child what do you do? Children are not allowed in court.You can simply hope for the best but that doesn’t always work out. You need a plan, a baby sitter or in this case someone who can take care of of your child that you can trust.

Luckily for this father Oram Police Officer Norris was also waiting to go to court and offered to watch his rambunctious 2 year old as he concluded matters with the court.

The child was watched, entertained, fed and eventually napped on the Officer as her father was engaged with the court. Everything was captured on camera and later posted to Facebook by the Oram Police Department and they posted the following:

Last week, Officer Norris was waiting to testify in a hearing when he saw a very rambunctious two year old waiting with her father (Who also had a court case) in the lobby. The father had a court case scheduled and was unable to leave the little girl at home. When it was time for his case to be heard he tried to take his daughter into court with him. However, kids are not allowed in the court room for various reasons and the girls father didn’t know what to do…….

That was until Officer Norris offered to babysit for the man. You’ll see from the court surveillance video that the little girl took to Officer Norris as he walked her around, getting drinks of water and treats from the Deputies at the front door. He pulled up some cartoons on his cell phone and the little girl climbed up onto his lap and she must’ve been worn out from all running around she had done because she quickly fell asleep on Officer Norris’ lap.

You can tell that Officer Norris is a father first and police officer second!

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