Norwich, Ct. Officers help a mother in distress

January 1, 2016 Norwich, Ct. Officers responded to a woman in distress but weren’t sure what they would find when they got there.

What they found was a mother who was very frustrated, upset and emotional because it was her daughters birthday and she didn’t even have the money to buy her a cake.

The Officers who responded being compassionate did what they could. They went out and bought a cake so that the child would be able to celebrate her birthday with her mother. There would be something there, not a great fanfare, but something.

The mother was not able to fix all her problems and neither were the police but they could do something at the time. A small gesture but it was everything to a mom in distress.

The Norwich Police Department posted the following to it’s Facebook page:

Norwich Police Officers Elizabeth Harsley and Christopher Hawrylik brightened a citizen’s day recently when they responded to call involving an emotionally distraught mother. When the officers responded, they learned the woman was experiencing an extremely stressful day as it was her daughter’s birthday and she could not afford to purchase a cake. The officers took it upon themselves to purchase a birthday cake with their own money and give it to the mother so she and her daughter could enjoy her birthday together. Chief Fusaro and the Norwich Police Department are proud to have officers like Officer Hawrylik and Harsley who perform their duties faithfully and routinely go above and beyond the call of duty to serve the citizens of Norwich with compassion and concern.

Norwich Ct Officers Elizabeth Harsley and Christopher Hawrylik
Norwich Ct Officers Elizabeth Harsley and Christopher Hawrylik

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