Marietta, Ohio Officer Matthew Hickey and K-9 Ajax UPDATE

February 1, 2016 Marietta, Ohio Officer Matthew Hickey Retired January 28, 2016 after 30 years as a Law Enforcement Officer and when doing so he intended to purchase his K-9 partner “Ajax”. But that was not to be the case. Hickey attempted to pay the Department $3,500.00 which was what the K-9 was worth but the City would not accept it. The K-9 is considered property of the City and while Ajax is still useful to them being only 6 years old they will sell the K-9 to the highest bidder.

There has been an outpouring of support for Officer Hickey and his K-9 partner now as the Officer does not know if he will have enough money to place a winning bid when the K-9 is put up for auction.

There has been a GOFUNDME account that has been set up for the Officer to make the winning bid of Ajax in any event. He had set the original goal to be $3,500. that way he could double the value of Ajax’s value on a bid adding his original $3,500. with what he raised to a total bid of $7,000.

Th Officer stated that any funds that were received above what were required to retain Ajax would be used to purchase K-9 “bullet/stab proof vests to K9 units”. At the time of this writing the Officer has raised $57,910 toward is goals.

Officer Matthew Hickey and K-9 Ajax - Credit GoFundMe
Officer Matthew Hickey and K-9 Ajax – Credit GoFundMe

The date of the auction has not been made public yet. When it has full details will be disclosed on the GoFundMe site.

Please help support this family to stay together. The K-9 should not be separated from his partner it is unfair to both of them.



UPDATE 2/1/16 2:18 PM

During a press conference, City of Marietta officials announce retired officer Matt Hickey would be allowed to keep Ajax the K-9 on certain conditions.

Hickey would have to be an auxiliary member of the Marietta Police Department. Officials say that way, Hickey would be able to remain as Ajax’s handler.

It’s yet to be determined if that course of action will be taken by Hickey.


Update: 02/02/16 10:47 A.M.

Officer Hickey has not accepted ANY offers from Chief Hupp, Mayor Matthews, or Paul Bertram. So NONE of this has been resolved or settled upon. Officer Hickey has NOT been medically cleared by his doctor to return to duty. Funds over and above the amount need to get Ajax will go to Vested Interest in K9’s, Inc. for purchasing K-9’s active in Law Enforcement with bullet/stab proof vests.


4 thoughts on “Marietta, Ohio Officer Matthew Hickey and K-9 Ajax UPDATE”

  1. Sometimes government needs to learn how to look past a written law or rule. In this case I don’t think anyone would object if they were to break the rule and sell, or better yet GIFT, this officer the dog. Ideal way to thank this officer for his many years of great (and probably underpaid) service.

    1. Agreed. While I understand that Ajax was an investment that the City had in the Department, the Officer offering to pay for the dog should be more than enough. Not to mention the bond between the animal that has been with his handler all these years should not be broken over finances now. It is Often difficult for Officers to leave duty anyway, but to leave his partner behind would be even worse now.
      As for the K-9 I highly doubt that it would perform for anyone as it would for that officer anyway. If the City is so desperate for money, take the fair value that was offered for the animal and be done with it rather than separate it from it’s home.

  2. I hope since the story has gone viral that no one would bid more than $1 for the dog or whoever wins the auction turns right around and gifts the dog back. But seeing as how the gofundme is going, there is no doubt he’ll win his dog and get some protection vests for other K-9 officers as well.

    1. There is little doubt that if there is even an auction held at this point Officer Hickey would not have the funds to outbid anyone for Ajax. The media attention that has been given this issue has raised awareness of the issue and that is a good thing.
      My hope is that the legislation that exists treating the situation itself will be changed so that events like this where K-9’s are no longer treated as Department property if there is illness forcing an Officer to leave suddenly splitting the dog from his handler. It is inhumane to both the K-9 and his handler / family.
      The best that we can do is give support by sharing the story, make our wishes known across the States and change through legislation.
      Share as much as you can.

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