Perry, Ga. Police Officer checks a domestic pays it forward three times

January 23, 2016 Perry, Ga. Police Officer Allen Gylfe who has been in law enforcement for 3 years now and recently hired in December  with the Department was sent to a home on January 15, 2016 for a complaint of an unruly juvenile. The 11 year old who lived with his mother was giving her such a hard time she had to call the Police. Appropriate actions by Officer Gylfe made a difference.The Officer went to the residence and learned that the 11 year old did not want to go to school and was giving his mother a very difficult time about it. Gylfe spoke to the youth about the importance of his education but that wasn’t really the problem.

The problem was walking to school in the rain without any protection from the elements. Officer Gylfe learned after talking with the mother that she had just obtained custody of the 11 year old from the court and that money was significantly tight.

Although she was working at a local Subway restaurant she didn’t have a vehicle and she didn’t have an umbrella to give to the child nor a raincoat. These were items that she simply could not afford to provide for him.

Officer Gylfe again spoke with the 11 year old who he finally convinced to go to school and drove him there in the patrol car along with his supervisor Sgt. Jimmy Jones. After the two Officers dropped off the youth they went to a local Walmart where Officer Gylfe purchased two umbrellas and raincoats for the boy and his mother so they would each have one of their own. The purchase was made from the Officers own funds to assist the struggling family.

Both Officers were interviewed by HHJ Online who said: “This action shows that officer Gylfe truly cares for the citizens he serves,” said Jones. “The city of Perry is proud to have an officer of his caliber.”

“Being in law enforcement doesn’t mean just locking up the bad guys,” said Gylfe. “It’s also about making a difference and building relationships with the people in the community. I am glad I was able to help out in a small way.”

Perry Police Officer Allen Gylfe
Perry Police Officer Allen Gylfe









Photo Credit: HHJ Online

9 thoughts on “Perry, Ga. Police Officer checks a domestic pays it forward three times”

    1. No idea, dad might be in jail for all we know of the situation. Thankfully the Officer was there to help in this one instance and perhaps some more good will come from people knowing about the situation and be able to help the family.

      1. Officer Glyfe has been in law enforcement for 3 years. He was just hired by Perry PD in December. The son doesn’t have to walk to school, it’s the mother who has to walk almost a mile to work. The son takes the bus.

        1. Fixed some elements, rain is still an issue for the 11 year old regardless of a bus or not apparently even according to the officer. But a notation was made regarding it. Thank you for the correction.

  1. Very proud to say I know this Police Officer and Perry Police Dept in Perry, GA is very lucky to have him. Always putting others first that’s Officer Gylfe. Who knows the kindness Officer Gylfe showed may have changed this young mans life forever seeing someone cares outside his family.

  2. Kristin, please read Admin’s story again. It is not wrong. “Officer Gylfe who has been in law enforcement for 3 years now and recently hired in December with the Department”. Kristin, what you stated is the same thing that’s in the story and the link you shared. Also, the story above didn’t say he didn’t ride the bus, it stated the 11 year old didn’t want to go to school. And admin, you were correct in all that you stated in your story. Thank you so much for sharing it, and thanks for the Perry Policy Department!

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