N.Y.N.Y. Bronx man looking for N.Y.P.D. Officer who helped him get his job

January 19, 2016 New York, James Roberts, 58, a resident of the Bronx is desperately looking for one of new York City’s finest to thank him. Brimming with gratitude toward the officer he has contacted media outlets in his attempt to help find the officer who he credits with helping him in finally getting a break.“I love this guy wherever he’s at, I love this guy, and I have to see him, I have to,” Roberts told WPVI.

It is perhaps because Roberts has had such a rough time of it that when he received help from the officer he appreciated it so much. “I’m stunned, there isn’t a cop doing anything nice for James Roberts, I got chased for 11 years when I was doing bad,” Roberts has been without work for 10 years after being released from jail.

After being without work for so long Roberts was looking forward to perspective employment with the Airport he had been told about by his social worker. While Roberts thought the interview was at LaGuardia Airport he used his bus pass he was given by the social worker and took it to Ditmars Avenue and Grand Central Parkway, but the staffing agency was a few miles away in Fresh Meadows.

Realizing that he was not in the right place he stopped a Police officer and asked him Roberts retells the story “So I get off the bus and I walk to the corner, and I’m like where can I find this place?” and the Officer replies “He said, ‘You’re not going to walk there and make it there. What time do you have to be there?’ and I said, ‘1 o’clock,’ and it was like 12-something, and he said, ‘Get in the car,'” Roberts said.

Not only did Roberts make the appointment on time but he got the job and it was also the first time he rode in the front seat of a Police car. All the way around it was a very good day for him.

The agency that helped him find a job known as ‘America Works’  is helping him find the mystery officer.  “I want this man thanked and I want the public to know that this is the kind of good people that work for the City of New York,” said Dr. Lee Bowes, the CEO of America Works.

“Do you have any idea of what his name might be?” Eyewitness News asked.

“I say Andrews is his last name, for sure his tag has an A and a D in it, I seen those initials and that’s what I remember,” Roberts said.

The WBL understands that finding one kind Police Officer in all of NYPD ranks would be akin to finding one particular grain of sand on a beach.  It is a monumental task. The suggestion we have here is the next time you see the following patch on someones arm just say “thank you, we appreciate all that you do”



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