Concord, N.C. Police Officer Christian Coe a selfie that goes viral because of a basketball and a group of kids being kids

January 13, 2016 Concord, N.C. – a group of kids in Concord, N.C. were playing basket ball but not having a true basketball they made due with a soccer ball. They thought they may have been in trouble when they saw a Police car back up and a Concord Officer get out to approach them.However the Concord Police Officer Christian Coe was not there to give the kids a difficult time for playing basketball with a soccer ball or even using the wrong type of net for a hoop. He was there to make sure that they knew that they were appreciated for just being kids trying to have some decent fun.

Officer Coe presented them with a new basketball to play with. It made some news locally as well. Picked up by WCNC after the kids took a selfie with the Officer one of the kids named Xavier Howard said “He stopped and reversed, so we all that we were in trouble,” of the incident when it had happened.  But after the fact the kids were really happy about the turn of events.  “He gives me a basketball, and ‘we’re like, wow, cool,'” said Carlee Maltba. “My heart dropped,” said Howard.

People who saw what had happened after the posting reposted it and said that they were driven to tears from reading the story and watching the media clip provided by the news station such as Belinda Harris.

This is the ‘selfie’ that went viral

Concord, N.C. Christian Coe with the kids he gave a new basketball to
Concord, N.C. Christian Coe with the kids he gave a new basketball to









Photo Credit: Tiffane Maltba



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