Burlington, N.C. Officer Joshua Schultz responds to reckless driving but finds something unexpected

January 6, 2016 Burlington, N.C. Officer Joshua Schultz responded to reports of a vehicle that was speeding through town, running red lights and driving recklessly. With a description of the vehicle he found it quickly as it had broken down not far from the fire department.  When he approached the vehicle what he found was unexpected.He had found Chelyse Watkins inside the vehicle and she had been on her way to the Hospital to deliver her baby. There were two problems. The first was that the car was not cooperating when she had attempted to go when labor began. Eventually they did get the car started but labor was going along much quicker than had been anticipated.

That brought Chelyse to her second problem, she had delivered the baby in the car on the way to the hospital! Understandably panic stricken that is when the driving became erratic and then of course the car boke down again and to say the least a very happy day was turning into a stressful day for Watkins.

Thankfully Officer Schultz who was a trained EMT took over and was able to care for the baby immediately. He took a sweatshirt that was in the family’s car and wrapped the baby in it and also tied off and cut the umbilical chord with with a shoe string.

Watkins said of the Officer “I was glad he was around the corner, because I didn’t know what we were going to do or how long it was going to take the ambulance.” Baby Kaelyn and mom are doing fine. Watkins says she doesn’t recommend her birthing method to anyone according to WFMY.

Chelyse Watkins and her baby Kaelyn
Chelyse Watkins and her baby Kaelyn

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