Westampton, N.J. Sgt. Andrew Brewer and Ofc. Joshua Wood help mom and 4 kids

Westampton, N.J.  On January 4, 2016 a mother and her 4 children ages 4 – 10 were visiting from the state of Massachusetts and staying in a local Motel. The mother who fell asleep while doing a load of laundry was upset to find that all the clothing she had for her children had been stolen from the community laundry room at the Best Western.

All her children had to wear back during the drive to Massachusetts were the pajamas that they had been wearing. Officers came to take the report and one Sgt. Andrew Brewer being a father himself told ABC7 News:  “I put myself in her position, having children of my own, and realizing how distraught and upset I would be.”

Brewer accompanied the family to the store, helping pick out items that were purchased with funds from an anonymous donor.  “She was very ecstatic about it. She was overwhelmingly happy and grateful for us coming to her need and helping her in this incident,”

The Westampton Township Police Department  wrote about the incident on their facebook page and asked for help identifying the culprits of the clothing theft along with posting a photo of the shopping trip.

On January 4, 2016 at approximately 0821 hours, the Westampton Police Department was dispatched to the Best Western located at 2020 Burlington Mt. Holly Road in Westampton Township for a theft of clothing.
Officer Woods and Sergeant Brewer responded on location and met with the victim who stated that an unknown person stole her clothing. This clothing consisted of winter clothes for the victim and her four children. The ages of the children were from four years old to ten years old. The victim was visiting the area from Massachusetts when she decided to do a load of laundry in the community laundry room at the Best Western. During the course of the victim washing the clothes an unknown person(s) stole the clothing out of the dryer that they had just received from Christmas. The victim was in distraught and her children only had pajamas to wear back to their commute to Massachusetts.
Sgt. Brewer and Officer Woods then arranged for the victim and her four children to go shopping at Target free of charge. The victim along with her four children picked out winter clothes with the company of Sergeant Brewer.
The investigation into the theft is ongoing with the Westampton Detective Division. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Westampton Police Department.

Sgt. Andrew Brewer
Westampton Township Police Department Sgt. Andrew Brewer shopping with mom and 4 kids

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