Philadelphia, Pa. Police Officer ambushed for his weapon during hospital visit of Officer Hartnett

January 10, 2016 Philadelphia, Pa. While on duty an unidentified Officer from the 18th district who was working the Hartnett detail when he stopped by the Penn Presbyterian Medical Center at 51 North Powelton Avenue around 10:42 p.m. Saturday night.

The officer was approached by a black male who said he had not eaten in 5 days and asked him for money to buy food. The officer handed him a $5.00 bill from his pocket and proceeded to visit the wounded Officer Hartnett.

Sometime after that the unidentified officer left Hartnett and returned to his post at the emergency room doors.

Sometime after that the same black male he had given the money to came up from behind the officer and attempted to grab the Officers duty weapon from it’s holster.  A fight ensued over the weapon and the man was subdued by the Officer and others from the Penn Security team and other officers at the scene.

The suspect was taken into custody quickly without any injuries to the Officers, however the suspect did sustain a minor facial injury. The suspect later stated he wanted the gun to rob a local store.

No details regarding the suspect have been released other than he is a black male around the age of 40. There was no mention of any connection between this man and the recent threats of Officers listed in the previous Officer safety message for Philadelphia.

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