DeKalb, IL. Police Officer Corporal Espy above and beyond to help motorist goes viral

January 4, 2015 DeKalb, Il. Corporal Espy assisted a motorist above and beyond what even the most helpful officers do. It was captured on film and sent to his Department where it has now gone viral with the story behind it.

The DeKalb IL Police Department wrote on their Facebook wall:

We were asked to share this post and we are happy to do so… “I was putting gas in my car when this car was driving all slow and broken with a flat tire. Cop pulls them over in the gas station parking lot, starts changing their tire for them! The tire jack breaks so I gave him mine to use. I took a pic, then went home. He gets the tire off, drives these people to WalMart to get a new tire. Puts new tire on for them. Drives to my house to return my tire jack to me. His name is is Corporal Espy. — at Road Ranger | DeKalb, IL” – Rebecca Ellen Jenkins Hagemeier.

Great job Corporal Espy!

DeKalb IL Police Department Cpl Espy
DeKalb IL Police Department Cpl Espy

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