Gwinnett County, Ga. A tragic incident reported

January 7, 2016 Gwinnett County, Ga. The WBL does not always post feel good stories and this is not one at all. It has a tragic ending but it shows what Officers go through and who they are. A stand off occurred in Gwinnett with a 43 year old man who was holding several family members hostage for up to 20 hours. Gwinnett Police Officers secured the location and deployed a SWAT Team. A portion of the team utilized a neighbors residence by the name of Roy Groshek. Groshek bore witness to the Officers vigilance and composure through the ordeal and the aftermath.

During the stand off the suspect released several of his hostages but retained his 2 year old son. At one point the man did claim that he was going to surrender and come out with his hands up but then he terminated communications with Officers and shot at them through the door.

The Officers still id not force entry because they didn’t want to risk the life of 2 year old Phillip Nguyen but rather hoped for a peaceful solution and successful outcome of the situation. Sadly it was not to be that way.

The 20 hour stand off ended very bad with the 43 year old suspect murdered his son and took his own life.

At the end Groshek witnessed two officers who had been in his home for the 20 hour ordeal break down in tears and cry. He stated to WBTV “For 20 hours, they sat here trying to save that kid and they couldn’t do it,” said Roy Groshek. “I had two grown men bawling their eyes out in my dining room. I sat there and hugged a police officer for two minutes trying to get him to stop crying.”

Officers know that what they do, do not do, say and do not say can result in lives hanging in the balance every day.  They live with their decisions, choices that they make and sometimes they are haunted by these events that they have no control over for the rest of their lives. They are sent to situations that they have not created but are expected to control and bring everyone out safely every time. It seems that Police Officers are never given any reasons for failure, most of all by themselves.

Groshek stated: “An officer sitting there telling me, ‘My son is 14 years old, and I’m his hero. And what he doesn’t know is today I wasn’t good enough,’” Groshek recalled the officer saying. “I wish people that want to talk bad about the police department could’ve lived in our house for the last 20 hours and seen what those guys did to keep us safe and to try to rescue that kid.”

While Groshek comforted the officer for two minutes or so, that Officer is trained to be composed and will cry a lot more when nobody is looking. His suffering will last for many more years. Meanwhile he will continue to go out and do his job as if nothing had happened, with professionalism, courtesy and integrity.

After several neighbors had an impromptu meeting, Groshek created a GoFundMe account for the child’s mother, Huyen Nguyn.

You can click here to donate.

Huyen Nguyen and her son Phillip Nguyen who was murdered by his father
Huyen Nguyen and her son Phillip Nguyen who was murdered by his father
Gwinnett  Officer comforts someone at shooting scene.
Gwinnett Officer comforts someone at shooting scene.

Photo Credit: WBTV

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