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January 8, 2015 Attleboro, Ma. A story of compassion emerges for others when some people slip through the cracks and others refuse to help. Officers step up to the plate, they do their jobs and so much more. This story shows exactly why so many people in Law Enforcement are misjudged. The officer went above and beyond without recognition, just to help another human being when others didn’t even care about a man.

From the Attleboro Police Association Facebook Page

Tonight a 70 yr old male from NYC who resides in an assisted living center and who suffers from a brain injury was able to board a bus and travel to Providence RI. He then took a cab to Attleboro where the cab driver became upset with him for not knowing a proper address. He then had him get out of his vehicle at a local gas station parking lot in 30 degree weather. Officers were notified and located this subject.

The officers then attempted to assist him in locating an unknown address of an old friends house for a surprise visit. After multiple unsuccessful attempts at locating this friend, or residence the gentlemen decided he wanted to go back home,but had no money for a return trip. Numerous phone calls to family member were unsuccessful, as officers finally reached his daughter who was shocked realizing her father had unknowingly left Manhattan.

She then informed officers that she also had no money for the return trip either, Officers then learned that the gentleman had not eaten all day. He was then provided a meal.

One of our brother officers then learned of this incident and assisted this gentlemen by purchasing him a train ticket back home, which the family was extremely grateful.

Amtrak Officers then assisted by ensuring our new friend safely boarded the proper train back home.

We are not using names here because the act of kindness by this officer was done without his wanting any attention. It was done out of compassion for the well being of another human being, which our officers display on a daily basis.

So for every single cop bashing story that’s posted on the web. I could post hundreds like this. I think what sums it up best though was when the officer was complimented on this act by his fellow officers he replied; “It’s the reason we all took this job. We want to help people.”

Well Done Sir !

Attleboro Police
Attleboro Police

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