San Antonio, Texas – San Antonio Officer Gives thanks with citizens ..

ON January 3, 2016 Ebony Jones posted the following heart warning story to facebook:

Well I am truly blessed! I was at IN-N-OUT Burger in line and about to order when this man cuts in front of me and says, “I want to pay for this officers lunch”. Then he says officer it’s crowded here so we saved a seat for you. I sat at the table with this man and his wife and he goes on to tell me how his son retired form LAPD recently and how his grandson just completed all training and is a USN Seal! Oh that’s not even the best part. That came when I was asked have I ever needed God to get me through a situation? Well that opened the door for my testimony 😊😊😊😊😊 after that his wife said I want to pray with you! We prayed there in an out burger and some random guy snapped this pic! He said I saw you guys praying and knew it was special and thought you would want a picture! God is soooo amazing and we all need Him. Thank you Father for continually blessing and protecting me. In Jesus name amen.

— at In-N-Out Burger – San Antonio (Culebra)

San Antonio Tx Ebony Jones Prays with patrons
San Antonio Tx Ebony Jones Prays with patrons
Photo Credit: Ebony Jones

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