Milwaukee, Wi. Police Officer Karla Lehmann finds a home for mother and three children

December 29, 2015 Milwaukee, Wi. Police Officer Karla Lehmann became aware of a mother and her three children ages 8, 5 and 3 who had fallen on hard times. The mother had a job but had been evicted, the family was living in a shelter, they had lost all their possessions and were unable to get back on their feet. Lehmann  thought with her community connections she would be able to help this woman who was trying so hard on her own but the challenges were just too much even for this 25 year veteran. Yet the Officer refused to give up Lehmann took to a GoFundme page and tried to raise awareness, pledging the fist $250.00 from her pay check and promising another $250.00 from her next check to help the family out. She had a goal of $5,000. to secure proper housing and necessities for them as they had lost everything during the eviction and subsequent garnishee of the woman’s wages.

She did all of this without the woman ever knowing just in case she was unable to raise the necessary funds to help the woman out.

Thankfully with some help she was able to raise the necessary money to move the family out of the shelter.

Latasha Hayward is now living with her 3 children on their own and they have begun to live a normal life again thanks to the efforts of Lehmann. Hayward told told station WISN  “She just want(s) the best for me and my kids. My kids love her dearly. Without her, I don’t know where I would be right now,”

While the initial amount was raised to secure the Hayward family from the shelter some extra money is needed to ensure that they don’t fall upon hard times again. As stated by Lehmann in her request for the GoFundMe page:

“With the new momentum and the number of people that are willing to help, I want to keep trying to increase the donations for Latasha and the kids. Now that she is housed her best chance of success is, if we can pay down her garnishment and get her more take home pay and if we can have a small cushion in case of a utilities emergency or other vital need. I am so appreciative of the donations that continue to come in. She will be overwhelmed by the generosity my friends and of strangers that are donating! You are really doing a good thing for a great mom that just needs a helping hand. Her children are her primary focus. The young girls are doing great and the 8 year old has become a kid again. He plays instead of being worried and hyper-vigilant about what me and his mom are talking about.”

Milwaukee wi Officer Lehmann  Hayward
Milwaukee, Wi. Officer Lehmann Hayward

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