Lebanon,Or. Lebanon Police Department Issue “Good Deed” Tickets

On December 29, 2015 The Lebanon Police Department, Lebanon Oregon Posted the following on it’s facebook page:


The Lebanon Police Department in partnership with Dr. Adam Kirkpatrick of Lebanon will be handing out tickets for people doing good deeds. LPD officers may be looking for people using crosswalks, driving properly, using turn signals, pedestrians yielding at sidewalks etc.
When the person gets the good deed ticket, they are able to take that ticket to one of the 3 locations, Big Town Hero in Lebanon, 1847 Bar and Grill in Lebanon or The Growler Café in Lebanon. Each ticket is redeemable for up to $10 off their meal and can be used one time only. Each ticket will have an expiration date.
Dr. Adam Kirkpatrick has donated $500 for this program to work, so that will mean in this first round of tickets, 50 people will get a good deed ticket.
This is a great opportunity for Lebanon Police to engage in the community in a positive way. It is small things like this, that can make a big difference in someone’s life.
So in Lebanon, it might be a good thing to get a ticket, a good deed ticket that is.

Lebanon Police Department, Lebanon Oregon
Lebanon Police Department, Lebanon Oregon

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