Beloit, Wi. Police Officer Officer Aaron Hall Pays it forward to homeless and kids

On January 4, 2015 the City of Beloit Police Department shared Emily Hummel‘s post.

Emily’s Post read as follows:

I’m not sure what this officers name is. He’s from the beloit police department. He kindly drove this homeless man and his bike all the way to McDonald’s to get whatever he wanted on the menu! I’ll try my hardest to find his name but wow this was the sweetest thing I have seen in a really long time! SHARE.

The post was updated by the Police Department who identified the Officer as Aaron Hall who is not new to paying it forward and helping members of the community he serves.  They stated further:

Good Morning Beloit.

We were very happy and proud to see one of our officers being captured in such a positive way (see the description of the event below). Officer Aaron Hall pictured here did not know that this photo was taken of him until much later. He was hesitant to have me post his picture as he did not do this for acknowledgement, but he knew that it was already starting to circulate who he was.

Officer Hall is the true meaning of a cop and a community servant. He has starred in videos previously where he was skateboarding with kids at Riverside Park. He is a quiet professional, and obviously a great guy who takes his own time (and money) to help our city to be better. This is the very essence of mission that we have, and something that can’t be trained. Awesome work brother. We hope that the 2 men we will be swearing in today will have the same kind of desire to serve and protect their community as well as Officer Hall. We are confident they will!!

Have a great day Beloit. Perhaps take today as a pay it forward day.
Be safe and be vigilant
Sergeant Flanagan

Beloit, Wi. Police Officer Aaron Hall
Beloit, Wi. Police Officer Aaron Hall
Photo Credit: Emily Hummel


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