San Francisco, Ca. S.F.PD. Officers pay it forward for homeless woman and 15year old son

January 6, 2016 San Francisco, Ca. A woman and her 15year old son had come to San Francisco after being evicted from their home in another city. They had come to San Francisco with the hope of staying with a friend. When the two arrived they were unable to meet up with that person as expected. The two had no place to turn.

The mother attempted to find safe haven in several shelters in the San Francisco areas but was turned away. The 15year old boy is autistic and none of the shelters would offer accommodations for children with such disabilities.
Eventually an Officer from the San Francisco Police Department was called to one of the shelters to see if he could assist the mother and son. He tried to find accommodations for the two as well but was unable to secure any publicly funded sources that were able to take them in.
Eventually the Officer made Officers he works with aware f the situation with the woman and youth. Officers pooled their cash and paid for a room for the woman and teen out of their own pockets so that the two people could stay in a Downtown Hilton Hotel for Saturday and Sunday night. The officers bought food for the two people as well. The cost to the Officers was about $400.00 of their own money.





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