Morrison, Illinois Whiteside County Sheriff’s Sgt. George Depuy pays it forward, others notice and follow

While on Patrol Sgt. Depuy of the Whiteside County Sheriff’s Office notices a homeless man in the cold. He stopped to talk to him and one thing led to another. The Sgt. Gave the man a ride to a local McDonalds where the Sgt. Bought him a meal and handed him some money. It was noticed by Alex Fischbach of of Morrison, Illinois who photographed the incident and posted it to his facebook and the photo got some attention.

Fischbach was quoted by ABCNews as saying the reason he took the photo was: “The feeling was very overwhelming,” Fischbach said. “It was incredible to see something so compassionate happen right in front of my eyes. It was just a simple reminder that not all cops are bad.”

The photo received enough attention that the man was able to find a place to live. The man had been identified by the jacket he had been wearing in the photograph that Fishbach had taken during the Sgt.’s interaction with him.

Fishbach was very happy to have seen it and posted the photo and been part of the outcome. “It definitely started my New Year off right,” Fischbach said. “[The shelter] actually recognized him from the coat he was wearing in the picture. With everyone sharing the original post, it helped this man be noticed and placed somewhere he could stay. I’m just very thankful I was there to witness this and be able to snap the photo so everyone else could know as well.”

Sgt. Depuy declined to talk to any reporters about thi incident stating that he was just doing his normal job. But a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office stated: “The weather wasn’t the best,” the officer said. “He was cold, [Sergeant Depuy] gave him a ride to McDonald’s to get him warm. He was basically just doing his job and showing that police officers have hearts…it goes on often, but someone caught it which is nice. It’s recognition for doing a good deed.”

Sergeant George Depuy buying a homeless man lunch at a McDonald's in Morrison Il
Sergeant George Depuy buying a homeless man lunch at a McDonald’s in Morrison Il

Photo Credit ABC News

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