Brookhaven, Ga. Brookhaven Police Officers Patton and McIntosh happy to get out of uniform to help!

from the Brookhaven Facebook page:


Chief Yandura,

We would like to commend Officers Patton and McIntosh for their excellent service. On Christmas eve day, in the pouring rain, we found ourselves stranded in knee deep water behind the Steinmart / Total Wine shopping center on Peachtree Rd. Our daughter, in her wheelchair, and both of us were trapped inside our lift van unable to get out. The windows were not working and we were afraid to open the doors for fear that water would come gushing in.

After calling AAA we were directed to call 911. Within minutes 2 Brookhaven patrol cars were there. Officer McIntosh waded through the water, made sure we were ok and told us not to open the doors. Officer Patton took off his shoes and rolled his pants and together the two of them pushed us out of the water.

They offered to call a tow truck or wait until AAA sent one. They also offered to get a car seat to transport our daughter since we couldn’t put the wheelchair in the truck or another car.

We know they had more important business to attend to that day so we are very appreciative that they helped us to safety and made sure we were on our way. Thank you to them and the Brookhaven Police Department!


Bruce and Ellen



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