Albemarle County, Va. Corporal David Wallace saves the life of an infant

December 29, 2015 Albemarle County, Va. Refugio Vaca-Osornio was with her infant daughter Sheyla when the baby unexpectedly stopped breathing. Refugio contacted 911 and first responders were dispatched as the baby was dying in her arms and she was helpless to save her.In just two m8inutes after calling for assistance Corporal David Wallace who had just started his shift arrived at her door and his instincts and training took over.

As The baby’s mother handed the lifeless body of the child to the Corporal he began life saving procedures on the limp child. Newsplex reported that Refugio stated: “When he took the baby from my arms, she wasn’t breathing anymore,” said Vaca-Osornio in Spanish. “She was dying in my arms.”

“After a couple of good sets of back blows, she started showing signs of life and independent movement,” Wallace explained. “You try to remain calm, but you realize that there’s a life that might be in the balance.”

“Thank you,” said Vaca-Osornio. “It’s the only thing I can say. Thank you. Because thanks to you, my daughter is alive.”

Wallace, a 19-year police veteran, said he’s witnessed similar situations in the past that didn’t end as well and he’s happy that wasn’t the case for baby Sheyla.

“It was just pure exhilaration,” he said. “Once you’ve restored her breathing and she’s showing signs of life, she’s going to be good to go, because we’ve got some of the best medical facilities around to look after her after that.”

The two month old baby is reported to be doing well now, was released from the hospital and is back with her mother after the traumatic experience.

Baby Sheyla
Baby Sheyla
Photo Credit: Newsplex

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