Hampton, Va. Police Officer Raymond Foote .. a message of who he is

January 5, 2016 Found on the Facebook page of the Hampton Police:

“This, THIS, is my husband.

He is a father, a husband, an Airman, and a police officer. He is a hero. He would jump in front of a bullet for a stranger. He will answer the call for anyone, at any time. He will always do his job, and do it well, with dignity and respect.

Last night he responded to a domestic call, and in the middle of sorting through the details, he did what any decent hunan being would do, and calmed a crying baby, who didn’t ask to be thrown into this chaos. He got to nurture and show a side of him that most people don’t get the honor to see when he responds to calls, and that’s what kind of father he is.

This is my husband. I’m proud of him. I love him. Words can’t express how much I wish the world of “cop haters” could truly see what real officers experience and endure. I wish they could see who these men and women in blue really are and how they feel. The pain, the pride, the heartache, and the victories. But for now, they can see this…

Just a real man, in a real moment.

My husband. My hero.”

A message written by the wife of Officer Raymond Foote.

Hampton, Va. Police Officer Raymond Foote
Hampton, Va. Police Officer Raymond Foote comforting a child during a domestic dispute

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