New Orleans, La. Police Officer Mark Lynch looking for a little boy who ” was the highlight of my week”

During the month of December 2015, New Orleans, La. Officer Mark Lynch made a new friend. He was apparently so taken back by the young man who visited his station house that he didn’t get contact information. We are putting this out there in hopes that it gets some shares. Help a brother out and share this information.

Mark Lynch Posted on his facebook wall:

“Made a new little friend today. Was at a computer finishing up my FTO paperwork, and a little boy wearing a New England Patriots hat wandered up to me and exclaimed “I LOVE POLICE OFFICERS!!!” His name is Caden and when I told him I too was a Patriots fan and I was from Boston (cause what 5 year old knows where Lowell is) he said “I LOVE BOSTON!!! My dogs name is Brady for Tom Brady!!!” When I told him my dogs name was Gronk? He gave me a hug and wanted to take a picture with me. His Mom asked if it was OK. “Of course!!! I said. “He says he likes the Police, the Patriots, guns, and dogs. He and I are friends now!” He told me he wants to be a Police Officer when he grows up. I wish I got a photo of my own to share with this post. His parents said they were in town for the bowl game today from Mississippi and thanked me for my time and making his day. I just wish they knew how their son was the highlight of my week at work. Feel free to like and share this post cause if it can get to little Caden I’d like to send him a patch and a die cast NOPD Police Unit for Christmas from his new friend Officer”

If Lynch can find the family, he’d like to send Caden a couple of NOPD souvenirs like a patch or die-cast car, or perhaps meet up with them in person if they come back to town. Lynch is now working in the 4th District and can be reached through that office at (504) 658-6040.

New Orleans Police Officer Mark Lynch
New Orleans Police Officer Mark Lynch

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