Boynton Beach, Fl. Police Officer Craig Hanning pays it forward ………. again

January 3, 2015 Boynton Beach, Fl. A woman named Grisela Andino and her two daughters 10-year-old Serenity and 6-year-old Tyranny are currently residing in an apartment in Boynton Beach, working and going to school respectively. Living a normal life and not living in a car parked in a Walmart parking lot thanks to an Officer named Craig Hanning. BUt that’s not the whole story or even just the beginning.

Two weeks ago, Grisela and her daughters had an apartment that they were living in as she worked a full time job and the daughters went to school and worked to get good grades. Then everything went bad fast. The person that Grisela was sub-leasing the apartment from stopped paying the landlord rent to and the three were evicted and forced to live in the car in Walmarts parking lot.

That is where Officer Craig Hanning found them. Hanning found that Grisela was trying desperately to raise her children properly, that the girls were working hard in school, that they had never missed a day of school and that the woman was working full time but that she had just fallen on hard times.

Hanning got himself involved and contacted people he knew at Remax Direct and through them found Grisela and her daughters an apartment that they could live in. As he told the story to Remax Realtors 120 of them chipped in for first and last months rent along with a security deposit to help get the family off on a good start. The people who worked for Remax also donated some furniture and supplies for the family since they had little to start with.

Other community members were also tapped by Officer Hanning who assisted the family. Grisela needed new tires on her vehicle to get back and forth to work so Easy Pay Tire gave her new tires to be safe as she traveled. Officer Hanning also contacted The Community Caring Center who assisted with rent money and food to stock their pantry, as well as gift cards to help the family out.

If that does not impress you about the kindness of this Officer, then read on. Since this is not the first time he has done something like this. It seems to be his nature.

In his past Officer Hanning  has been known to take reports from elderly women who were about 79 years old and victims of home invasion. This is a pretty traumatic incident for anyone but especially elderly people. To have someone come into your home, take your things and assault you. Officer Hanning understood that.

So when it happened to a woman he went from the hospital where he interviewed the woman back to her studio apartment and returned to the hospital with a travel bag which contained clothes, a Bible and her false teeth so she could be more comfortable and secure. After the incident the criminal who assaulted the woman was jailed. But Hanning understood that these incidents leave an emotional mark. So he continued to visit her since she had no one in the area to care for her week after week.

Hanning was selected as “Officer Of the year” in 2003 for good reason. It is because he cares, he pays it forward.

Even the people that he has arrested have stopped to thank him, such as a 19 year old who after getting out of jail sometime later, thanked him for teaching him a lesson. The 19 year old had gotten out and gone back to school to get his G.E.D., a job and was trying to get his life in perspective.

From the Boynton Beach Police Department Facebook page :

Our #heroes today are Officer Craig Hanning, the Community Caring Center, Brian Russo and his team at RE/MAX Direct, Doug and Ed of Easy Pay Tire and the many other local businesses who helped a very deserving family this Christmas. Officer Hanning discovered Grisela and her two daughters, 6 & 10, sleeping in their car in the Walmart parking lot. Despite her homelessness, Grisela never missed a day of work and her daughters never missed a day of school. So Officer Hanning did what he does best…he reached out to his contacts in the community and not only found Grisela a place to live, he also raised the first and last month rent and security deposit. Grisela’s car needed new tires so she could get to work safely, so the good guys at Easy Pay Tire helped with that. The Community Caring Center assisted with rent money and food to stock their pantry, as well as gift cards. Officer Hanning and the Remax team also made sure the family got furniture and Christmas presents!
When they say it takes a village, this is exactly what they mean!!! We are beyond proud of Officer Hanning, and we thank everyone who helped make this happen

Boynton Beach Police  Fl Department Officer Craig Hanning
Officer Hanning discovered Grisela and her two daughters, 6 & 10,






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