West Valley City, Utah Police Department – “THE BEST GIFT EVER”

December 31, 2015 TheWest Valley City Police Department Officers of Utah are out protecting and serving as is shown by a letter received by the department. We don’t know who the Officers are, but the letter received says it all. From the West Valley City Utah Police Departments Facebook Page

“”THE BEST GIFT EVER,” that’s the title of a letter we received recently from one of our WVC residents. The 80 year old woman explained that after a recent snowfall, she went out to do the shoveling. She explained that her husband is in a wheelchair and that she is “not one to shirk my responsibilities.” Despite her best attempts, she said “the snow was wet and very heavy. It stuck to the shovel when I tried to empty it which made it twice as hard. I’m getting so that it’s hard to lift heavy things. I was tired after the first three shovels full.”
Just then, she noticed two police cars pull up across the street. She said at first she wondered who was in trouble, but as the officers approached her, “I thought, H-m-m m, I guess it’s me.” Instead, the officers “began shoveling snow and cleaning off my windshields on the pickup. When I tried to help, they said, “don’t you do anything, you go in the house, get warm and rest, we can do this.”
The officers shoveled the woman’s driveway and sidewalk, then the neighbors. “When they were through they came back and said, “Thank you.” I said, ‘YOU are thanking US?’ One of them said, “It’s a good work out for us, we enjoyed it, so YES we are thanking YOU.”
We don’t know which of our officers did this good deed, they aren’t quick to take any credit, but we do know that any of our officers would jump in to do this exact same thing. We’re grateful for the opportunity to serve in WVC and that we could touch the lives of this woman and her husband. She closed her letter by saying that “It was the best Christmas gift anyone ever gave me in my whole entire life. I will remember it forever.” We’re sure those officers will remember it as well. This is your WVCPD.”

West Valley City Police Department Utah
West Valley City Police Department Utah

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