Winston-Salem, N.C. Police Officer Kevin Neff replaces charity money that thieves stole – paying it forward

On December 24, 2015 It was reported to the news that Winston-Salem Officer Kevin Neff responded to a theft of a Salvation Army red donation kettle from outside a local Walmart.  The thieves stole the Kettle out the hands of a bell ringer with the Salvation Army and approximately $350.00 was taken.

Officer Neff took the report and started an investigation. Although one person is suspect it is believed that more people were involved inteh theft. However that is not the news of teh story.

What became the important part was how the officer went above and beyond just report taking and investigating this crime. It is what he did next that is remarkable and shows what type of person that he is and what type of person works as a guardian of Winston-Salem.

Officer Neff left the scene and went to the bank withdrawing his own money and donated nearly the exact amount that was stolen to the Salvation Army to replace what had been stolen. When MYFOX8 learned about it he was quoted as saying “For somebody to steal from anybody is bad, But especially from charity and stuff like that? I just felt really bad. That was a lot of money that could’ve gone to help people.” He added  “Anybody can give a little time or a little bit of money to help the less fortunate, especially this time of year,”

Neff says as an officer, his goal is like so many of his coworkers. “I think everyone who works here [Winston-Salem Police Department] does this job because they want to make the city a better place,”

Winston-Salem, N.C. Police Officer Kevin Neff
Winston-Salem, N.C. Police Officer Kevin Neff


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